Let guests pay without waiting

Receive payments via bank cards, Apple pay, Google pay
and local payment methods with QR and NFC placed on tables

Get startedTry as a guest

Guests pay for the order and send tips in one transaction simply using QR code or NFC tag

With no need to call staff and wait for receipt and POS terminal.

Save on acquiring commission
Increase the turnover of tables

How does it work for your guests?


Guests scan QR code or use NFC

Scan the QR code using phone's camera or simply hold your phone near NFC tag and go to the payment page in a browser.


Pay the bill and leave tips

Pay for the bill, choose the amount of tips and make a payment with the method that suits you best.


Add feedback and follow promotions

Give a feedback on the waiter and the restaurant you really like and don't miss the fresh offers and promotion, or simply follow the restaurant on social media.

How it works for the manager

Open account in GlobalTips
Get free cards with NFC and QR stickers or integrate with GlobalTips
Get auto-payouts to the restaurant's bank account

How it works for the employee

Get an SMS with a link to download the app and pass simple verification  
Start receiving tips
and see all incoming transactions
Withdraw money to a personal bank account or whenever they wants

Quick start within a day

Attract, retain and motivate your team with cashless tips. Schedule your demo today!

No additional equipment
No complicated integrations
No setup fee
Clients cover commission
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