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Join the GlobalTips Referral Program and start earning bonuses! Introduce your contacts to our innovative solutions, and receive €100 for every client that connects through your recommendation. Boost your earnings while helping businesses elevate their customer experience.
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GlobalTips transforms customer engagement, offering a multilingual QR menu and enabling quicker table turns through easy QR orders and payments. Enhance your online presence and streamline service with our innovative solution.
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More tips and reviews
Collect more non-cash tips and reviews from guests and improve venue ranking on Google Reviews and Tripadvisor.
Multilingual digital QR menu
Implement a multilingual digital QR menu, which will be convenient for foreign tourists.
QR orders and payments
Turn tables faster and add convenience for guests through QR orders and payments directly from the tables via QR code.

Who is the best tipper profile?

Our affiliate program is a perfect match for go-getters in the HoReCa sector.
Whether you're outfitting restaurants, bars, and hotels with the latest equipment, supplying the finest food and beverages, or offering expert consultancy and coaching services, there's a spot for you. Connect, collaborate, and create lucrative partnerships that benefit you, your clients, and the broader hospitality community.
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Hospitality Tech Suppliers
You provide the cutting-edge equipment that powers restaurants, bars, and hotels. From smart kitchen gadgets to the latest in guest service technology, your role is crucial in modernizing the hospitality experience.
Gourmet Suppliers and Beverage Distributors
You offer the essence of exquisite dining and drinking experiences with premium food and alcohol supplies. Your selection elevates menus and tantalizes taste buds, setting the scene for unforgettable guest experiences.
Hospitality Growth Experts
As consultants or coaches specializing in the HoReCa sector, you're the architects of business success, offering strategies that enhance efficiency, improve guest satisfaction, and skyrocket profitability.
Sell equipment to restaurants, bars, and hotels
Supply food or alcohol
Consult or coach in the HoReCa sector

GlobalTips referral program: a triple-win opportunity

Our referral program is designed to complement, not compete with, your main job, creating a win-win-win situation for you, your clients, and GlobalTips. Enhance your earnings and relationships with minimal effort and maximum rewards.

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