Do you love bars and restaurants?

Are you interested in making money and bringing real benefits to people in your city?

GlobalTips — is a service that helps venues to collect cashless tips and feedback from guests.

We invite you to connect bars and restaurants in your city to GlobalTips and generate your personal income.
Spend a few hours a day or work full time – it’s up to you.
It is much better than a boring job in the office.
Easy to act
Acting as a Tipper at GlobalTips, you don't need to sell or close deals — we'll do it for you. All you need to do is provide us with contacts of "interested" clients, and once they're onboarded by us, you'll receive bonuses.
You will create your own network of contacts among business managers and owners.
Be your boss, and choose the time you're going to spend. Plan this time freely within the week and get as much reward as you want.
A helping hand
for local businesses
Let's spread goodness, as we will help local businesses collect more tips while ensuring waiters' inner happiness and disallowing guests to feel guilty for not carrying cash with them.
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How to start?

Complete the application and meet online with our team member
Sign the contractor agreement and register with the GlobalTips app
Start promoting the GlobalTips service and send us the contacts of venues that are interested.
Every week you'll get a list of venues to connect. No need to search for restaurants by yourself.
Bring them the ability to collect cashless tips efficiently and receive well-deserved rewards.

Simple system of  bonuses

Bring us interested clients and earn a reward of 100 euros for each client we sign up for paid subscriptions!

Connect 10 places per month and get1000+ € monthly income.
Usually it requires 3 hours per day.
There is no limit to the financial rewards!

700+ restaurants in EU trust us and we're growing the culture of gratitude together.

Every month we make the lives of hundreds of waiters and thousands of guests much better.

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With your help, we will spread the culture of gratitude worldwide!
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