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For restaurants, bars and cafes to improve their guests and staff experience.
Application running on mobile while giving review and digital tips
Cashless tips and reviews
Best cashless tips with priceless guests' feedback.
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QR menu solution to the faster customer experience
Interactive QR menu
Give your guests a menu, tips, and reviews in one QR code.
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Order and pay at table
Let your guests order
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All the tools you need to digitalize your venue and take the guest's experience to a new level.
cashless tips reviews from customers
Cashless tips
The Best Cashless tips. Motivate your staff and let your guests to leave tips naturally.
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Reviews and ratings
Get instant feedback from your guests, improve and never miss it.
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QR code menu
No printed paper menus and no need to update or reprint them... and, definitely, no need to carry them to the tables!
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Order and pay
Let your guest check the menu, pick the meals, make an order and pay right at the table without any additional waiting.
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What our clients says

From bars and restaurants to hotels, from local stars to michelin star owners.

Since we started using GlobalTips tipping solution, our employees have been receiving more tips. The whole point is that guests, when they order through this system, immediately add cashless tips, so there's no need to ask for it separately. It's much more convenient than collecting tips through POS terminals.

Svyturys logo

We are more of a seasonal establishment, and GlobalTips tip management software really comes in handy when there's a large influx of guests. We don't have enough POS terminals to serve all guests simultaneously. In this regard, the cards that we give out with the bill work perfectly for collecting cashless tips and feedback.

We use GlobalTips cards with QR codes and NFC for collecting electronic tips. They work great, and if the cards get lost, the team quickly supplies us with new materials. The best tipping solution on the market!

Biblioteka Resto-Bar logo

A modern establishment with modern guests. We, like our guests, rarely use cash. In today's world, operating without such tipping solutions is unthinkable. For the younger generation and simply tech-savvy people, it's fundamentally interesting to leave cashless tips via QR/NFC.

We've been working with GlobalTips for several years now and are very satisfied. Our guests have already gotten used to mobile tipping, and we consistently collect a lot of tips and feedback through QR codes.

Silelis Gastro Pub logo

We prohibited our employees from using POS terminals to collect cashless tips, as it leads to significant losses and extra work for accounting. Tips should be collected personally by employees, not by the company. Thanks to the tipping software GlobalTips, everything has become much more transparent.

samurai logo

A good digital tipping solution for a modern bar where visitors no longer carry cash. Guests have taken an interest in this cashless tipping novelty and are using it. We place GlobalTips cards on the bar and also bring them with the bill.

Pizza Verde logo

We are satisfied with working with the GlobalTips digital tipping system. Employees collect more mobile tips, and the management of the venue better monitors the quality of service.