Get more cashless tips and increase the quality of your service

All-in-one solution for receiving and managing cashless tips and guest’s feedback, for bars, restaurants, hotels and individuals.

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600+ restaurants in EU trust us and we're growing the culture of gratitude together.

Every month we make the lives of hundreds of waiters and thousands of guests much better.

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Best solution for your guests

Lack of cash will no longer be a problem for the guests when they want to leave a tip.

No need to carry cash
No need to install the app
Tips in 2 taps
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Perfect solution for your staff

Totally transparent transactions history and instant money transfers to your personal balance.

Takes few minutes to start
Increased turnover of tips up to +50%
Taxes payment assistance
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Benefits for managers and owners

Control your staff efficiency
and guests feedback
Tips go directly to employees without connection to your company. Do not worry any longer about taxation and overwhelming your accountant.
Engage guests in your social media and customize payment page

You'll get a full set of materials for free

All you need to do is place them in your bar or restaurant

Business account with detailed statistics

Observe and control performance of your teams and quality of the service.

Full detailed stats for every team of every restaurant
Actual data filtration and export in different formats
Different levels of access for managers and owners
Detailed stats for selected periods

Easy integration with any type of software to print QR codes in bills

Printing QR-codes in bills is the most effective way to increase receiving cashless tips and feedback about your service.

Up to +50% increases in tips turnover
after printing in pre-cheques

What to expect from work with GlobalTips?

You'll see tips turnover growth from the first month and then it will lead to such an average numbers as we see from from venues already works with us.

Top venue performance

Average 403 transactions per month with average tip of 5,2 €

Average venue performance

Average 147 transactions per month with average tip of 3,8 €

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No additional equipment
No complicated integrations
No setup fee
Clients cover commission
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