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Speed up table service and increase your business turnover
Implement a simple solution with
QR menu, order and tips that allows your guests to quickly order and pay for food and drinks without having to wait for a waiter and terminal.
Enhance team motivation with larger tips
Our best-in-class cashless tipping solution has been proven by numerous clients who have significantly increased tip collections for their teams. Implement Tips only solution separately or as part of the QR menu, order and tips functionality.
Simplify handling taxes on tips
All collected funds are directed straight to employees' personal bank accounts, and we help them pay taxes (in some countries, we do this automatically). Save your accountants' time and money.
Transparently monitor employee performance
You will not only see customer orders but also the performance of your teams in the business console: the amount of tips collected, the average rating of employees, and the reviews left for them by guests. This helps you stay in tune with your business.
Receive instant feedback from guests
Instant feedback from guests allows you to respond to negative visitor experiences and correct mistakes in your service. We can send feedback directly to your administrators' messengers.
Boost your Google Reviews and Tripadvisor ratings
After paying for their order or leaving a tip, your customers will see an offer to leave a review for you on Google Review or Tripadvisor.
Sign up guests to your social media channels or show promotional offers
GlobalTips allows you to establish a new point of contact with your customers and subscribe them to your social media channels or show other promotional offers: seasonal menus, events, and promotions.
Convenience for your employees and managers
Using GlobalTips is convenient: mobile apps for your employees to track orders and tips, and a web service for managers and business owners.

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