Simple API to implement cashless tipping solution in your product

GlobalTips API is the gateway for third-party providers to interact with GlobalTips customers and products.

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It provides benefits to:
  • Utility booking services
  • Grocery delivery services
  • Apps with their own delivery system
Our benefits:
  • Add a new helpful feature that helps you to stand out from competitors in a competitive modern market
  • Significantly Increase motivation and the quality of provided services
  • Tips go directly to the bank accounts of recipients without connecting to your company
  • Taxes are paid by recipients individually
  • There is no need to develop your own solution or to create new business processes

GlobalTips provides an unique URL to the payment page for each registered recipient.

Option "leave a tip" could be easily added to your app.

The client gets a notification after receiving service and can then tap the message to leave tips.
Client goes to a personalized web payment page and chooses their preferred payment method.
After leaving tips, the client can add feedback, which can help you improve the service if necessary.
All tips go directly to your courier's bank accounts without any connection to your company.

700+ restaurants in EU trust us and we're growing the culture of gratitude together.

Every month we make the lives of hundreds of waiters and thousands of guests much better.

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What our clients says

From bars and restaurants to hotels, from local stars to michelin star owners.

We have tried a lot of systems but your system works really good for us, and we appreciate call a waiter option it saves us time.

This system really works and people using it to give us tips and it definitely helps to receive more cashless tips nowadays.

Working with GlobalTips, we completely abandoned the paper menu, something we couldn't achieve with other QR menu services. Everything is very intuitive and convenient.

New employees didint want to come to work for us but after we got your system it was a lot easier to get them.

We like this tips system which is very good, its fast to leave a tip and review.

Our tips increased drastically, employees are happy, they started getting tips from tourist which rarely left tips trought terminal we also managed to get rid of paper menu's which saves us on cost's.

We collect tips and split them before christmas a very nice way to buff our employees morale.

We like your system very much its really fast and easy to use.

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