Allow your employees to be aware of what's going on
In the app, employees can monitor guest orders, guest feedback, and tip payments
Get the tool you've need
See and manage collected tips
Forget about taxes as we will pay them for you automatically or simply see upcoming taxes payment right in tips summs
Distribute tips if you're working in group with other waiters
Get instant feedback from your guests
Get orders and let your guests know its actual statuses
Use both mobile apps or browser versions, choose what fits you better

Quick start within a day

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No additional equipment
No complicated integrations
No setup fee
Option to allocate commission on clients
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Give your staff the tool the need

App will allow to work with gathered tips, get them from group collected tip boxes, withdraw money to personal IBAN account and deal with guests reviews.
Cashless tips and reviews
Cashless tips on its best with priceless guest's feedback.
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Interactive QR menu
Give your guests a menu, tips, and reviews in one QR code.
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Order and pay at table
Let your guests order
and pay without waiting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to install your apps for collecting tips?

It's not mandatory, you can use the web version of our service, but for the convenience of your employees, we recommend using mobile applications.

How can I withdraw money from your application?

All the tips collected and distributed to an employee can be withdrawn in a few clicks to their personal bank account via IBAN.

What personal information do my employees need to provide to work with your system?

For registration and verification, when an employee opens an account, they must provide a photo of their ID and information about themselves - similar to opening an account with any online bank.

Why should I trust you and how do you handle my employees' personal data?

GlobalTips is not a financial organization. Your employee opens an account with our banking partner - Stripe, and that is where all the requested information is provided. GlobalTips does not receive or store your employees' personal information.