Increase your income while working in restaurant, bar or cafe with a help of GlobalTips cards

Our users receive gratitude in the average amount of 300€ per month, it’s all in your hands!

Every year people carry less and less cash but still want to leave tips.

Receiving tips through the terminal is not always an available option.

So in this case you have been missing quite a lot of tips every day.

But as of now, you can use GlobalTips cards to get cashless tips with zero hassle for your guests.

Bring GlobalTips cards along with the receipt to get gratitude and feedback only for you!

Guests leave tips by simply simply scanning QR code or tapping the NFC on the card

No need to carry cash
No need to install the app
Tips in 2 taps
Check our help for more details

What is included in GlobalTips starter pack?

5 Cards with QR codes and NFC
All cards will be already connected with your personal tip box and will be ready to use. The only thing you'll need to do is to bring them to your guests along with the receipt.
Or you can place them on the tables you're working with.
Mobile app
With the full history of tips received, feedback from guests and ability to withdraw tips to your personal IBAN account.
You can use your personal QR code from the app, just in case if the cards are not enough.

Get more from your tips with GlobalTips

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