As GlobalTips, we offer a service that helps the HoReCa industry to receive non-cash tips and reviews by scanning a QR or NFC code.

How the guest will see it?

Guest scans QR code with smartphone camera, or NFC by holding smartphone near the GlobalTips card.
Guest indicates the amount and makes the payment by choosing a convenient payment method.
Guest can also rate and leave a text review which you will see in the business console and GlobalTips Staff app.
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How it's working?

The user scans the QR or NFC code and send tip, depending on the collection method previously chosen by you. 

We distinguish four options:

Each waiter has his own card, which he hands over with the payer or directly with the receipt at the very end of serving guests.
Individual with choice
Cards are given to the whole team without adding them individually, after scanning the client will be able to choose a person by their name and photo contained in the application.
One person is assigned to receive tips, then all funds are collected into one bank account and paid out, after which they are divided accordingly at their discretion. In the application you can control the time, date, amount of received tips.
Money can also be distributed by an administrator to individuals by percentage, total, equally or nothing to those who are registered in GlobalTips app.
Choose the service as in individual forms, but there is also an additional option to give a tip to the whole team, then one person who acts as an admin will be able to distribute these tips in the application according to percentage, total, equally or skip the individual. These tips are then distributed automatically and are credited to user accounts.
What payment methods are available for guests?
The payment methods we have available are Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bank cards (Mastercard, Visa, AmericanExpress) and BLIK.
Is it safe?
All payments made with our service are absolutely secure. We work with the world leader in payment solutions - Stripe.

How your waiters will start?

We have mobile and internet applications that are available for download from the following sources:
Waiters install app and get verified. It will take up to 5 minutes.
They will need the data of the person who will start using our solution, additionally a document confirming the identity of this person, as it is an EU requirement.
Then they're ready to receive and enjoy the benefits of more tips from guests! Just leave GlobalTips cards and start collecting tips.
The most efficient way is to put cards with receipts or place the cards on the table beforehand.
How to use GlobalTips cards?
In addition to giving cards through the above-mentioned means, there is also another way available such as placing card holders in appropriate places such as reception, lobby, bar or tables where they are visible at all times.
Our statistics show that the most effective method is to give cards directly at the end of customer service — in the so-called payers.

Monitoring and paying tips

Money goes straight to personal GlobalTips balance and worker can withdraw it to personal bank account by IBAN.
Group administrator distributes share to worker's personal balance. Then they will be able to pay it out to personal bank account by IBAN.
Withdrawal takes up to 3 working days.
Usually, the tip arrives in your bank account within 24 hours.
With every withdrawal you'll see the estimated time of money arrival.

How does it work for administrator?

The administrator logs into the business console ↗︎

Adding employees
Download invoice


The restaurant does not have to pay any taxes on tips collected through GlobalTips. You are not a participant in the cash flow, all tips go directly to employees.

As tax laws vary greatly from country to country, please see the page of your region for up-to-date information on how we work with taxes.

Taxation with GlobalTips:

in 🇱🇹 Lithuania

in 🇵🇱 Poland

QR in receipt

We also have the option to connect the POS system and benefit from tips through a receipt, very useful when the service is delivered to the home by companies such as Uber Eats, Glovo, etc. In this case, the guest is fully remote, using his phone, after receiving the delivery to the given address, can show gratitude towards the staff for the service in a form of a tip.

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