Implement contactless ordering, allowing guests to seamlessly order and pay directly at their table

Elevate the guest experience with our cutting-edge mobile ordering solution. Simplifying the process, all your guests need is a QR code and their smartphone.
Improve ordering process

Simplify tableside ordering effortlessly

Allow guests to scan QR codes at their tables, enabling them to independently order and pay for food and drinks without the need for waiters or POS terminals.
Let your guests track the status of their order and effortlessly reorder individual items or replicate the entire order.
Update your menu whenever you need in seconds.
Add time specific or occasional menus.
Add relevant tags to any menu item that make it easy for guests to identify allergens and other specifications.
Add extras and modifiers that allow diners to customize their dish.
Create your menus in English and we'll take care of translating them into different languages making them accessible for your international diners.

Order and pay at the table without waiting

50%+ of prepaid orders come with tips right away, which motivates employees to work faster.
Receive instant feedback from guests and improve your ratings on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor.
Save on acquiring payments from bank cards as our commission for businesses is 0%, unlike the cost of standard card acquiring.
The entire commission for food and drink orders is covered by the guests. In return they get a faster service.
Use it for foodcourts and any self-service models as guests pay before getting the order.

Who can use order and pay at the table?

GlobalTips tableside ordering and pay solution is versatile and can be beneficial for various businesses and establishments across different industries.

Restaurants and Cafes

Enhance the dining experience by allowing customers to order and pay directly from their tables.

Hotels and Resorts

Implement the system in hotel restaurants, poolside bars, and other dining areas for guest convenience.

Bars and Pubs

Streamline the drink and food ordering process for patrons, reducing wait times.

Food Halls

Enhance the dining experience for guests at food halls.

Casual Dining Establishments

Improve overall customer satisfaction by offering a convenient and hassle-free dining experience.

Fast Casual and Quick-Service Restaurants

Provide a quick and efficient ordering and payment solution for customers in fast-paced environments.

Coffee Shops and Bakeries

Facilitate quick and easy transactions for customers looking for a fast coffee or snack experience.

Airport and Transportation Hubs

Speed up the food ordering process for travelers, especially in busy airport terminals.

Food Trucks

Enable customers to order and pay without the need for a physical point of sale system.

Corporate Cafeterias

Improve efficiency during peak hours by implementing order and pay at the table solutions.

Golf Clubs and Country Clubs

Position QR codes in dining areas or on student ID cards.

Campus or Hospital Cafeterias

Implement the system in cafeterias to cater to the needs of visitors, and staff.

Our clients' success stories with contactless ordering

From bars and restaurants to hotels, from local stars to michelin star owners.

We've switched to the GlobalTips QR order and pay from rooms system, and it's been a good change for us. It offers a seamless way for contactless ordering that our guests need. What's more, the support team is always on the ball, updating our menu whenever we need it.

As we mentioned, we didn't just implement a QR code menu, but we also enabled the option for contactless ordering through this menu. Now, our guests can order and pay at the table via QR code, and it's convenient for them. This innovation has significantly enhanced the dining experience, making it smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

We have a second floor, and initially, we launched the QR table ordering system there. It really helped, as previously, guests would go down to the first floor and create a long queue at the bar. Now, we've covered all the tables with GlobalTips pay at table QR codes, and it's working great.

Initially, we connected one restaurant to the GlobalTips digital QR menu, then a second one. Now, contactless orders through these menus are operational in both. It's a good, convenient system; we recommend it.

We've activated the contactless ordering feature in our restaurant through the GlobalTips system. Orders are increasing every week, and our staff are getting used to and seeing the benefits of using this table ordering system. They're earning more tips and need to check in with tables less frequently to ask if guests need anything else. It's making everyone's experience smoother and more enjoyable.

We're a billiards hall. We've placed QR codes in the form of stickers both on the tables and directly on the billiard tables. We're noticing that guests are beginning to get accustomed to the contactless ordering solution. It's great to see them embracing this new way of ordering, making their experience more seamless and enjoyable.

The young, modern audience loves technology. We've made our bar tech-savvy through this order and pay at the table system, and we're happy about it.

Our restaurant is located in the very heart of the old town in Vilnius. We've connected to the GlobalTips table ordering system, which will help us work more efficiently. This is especially true during the busy season.

Quick implementation of contactless table service

Enhance the guest experience with our cutting-edge mobile ordering solution.

No additional equipment
No complicated integrations
No setup fee
Option to allocate commission on clients
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Let your guests order and pay on their own

For restaurants, bars and cafes to improve guests and staff experience.

Qr code menu and tips

Give your guests a menu, tips, and reviews in one QR code.
Discover QR menus →

Order and pay at table

Let your guests order
and pay without waiting.
Boost tables turnover →

Frequently asked questions about tableside payment and ordering

What sets your system for waiter-free ordering apart and why do I need it?

Using our solution with the digital QR menu and ordering right from the table, your guests will save time, not having to wait for waiters to first bring the menu, then again to call and wait for waiters to place an order, and then at the end - wait for them a third time to pay. It's more convenient.

I appreciate engaging with guests and have no intention of substituting waiters with QR codes.

We don't prevent you from interacting with guests. In fact, with our system, waiters will have more time to actually take care of guests and interact with them, rather than just carrying menus and taking orders.

What is the pricing for your system?

We have a monthly subscription for businesses and a commission for payments from guests (for the time they save not waiting for waiters). The commission on payments for you is 0%.

Which languages are supported?

There are 30+ languages available currently and growing.

How to customize meal prices and availability in a contactless payment system?

You can easily adjust prices in our business console, our QR menu is dynamic, changes will appear immediately.

How can I add new positions to menu for contactless payment and ordering?

You can add new positions in our business console. Our QR menu is dynamic, changes will appear immediately.

Is it necessary for the guest to download a separate app to utilize GlobalTips?

No, the guest does not need to install a separate app. The guest scans the QR code and a web page with the menu and other functionality opens.

How can I deactivate all food items in the menu when the kitchen closes earlier than the bar?

There is a setting for time for individual menu categories or entire menus. You can set it so that all dishes fall into an automatic stop-list (and return in the morning), but drinks will continue to be available until a different time.