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Grow your brand loyalty within communication with your guests with our branded materials.
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Best options for any occasion

Choose cards or stickers based on the format of your communication with guests
Place, bring, stick, put... different usage formats depending on prior communication with your guests
QR or NFC, let your guests choose the most natural way to deal with your materials
Refill your materials when you need to as we know that some guests can't resist keeping these materials as a keepsake

Your brand, your tone, your colors

Customised cards and stickers to let you communicate your values most naturally
Do you use specific communication formats?
Stay yourself, we can help you adapt materials to your needs, whether it's napkin holders, teeble shades or full table stickers.

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Stay personal not only in menu

Get branded materials in any package with both cards or stickers.
Cashless tips and reviews
Cashless tips on its best with priceless guest's feedback.
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Interactive QR menu
Give your guests a menu, tips, and reviews in one QR code.
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Order and pay at table
Let your guests order
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only produce stickers and cards? What if I want table tents or large QR code posters?

We have extensive experience working with different material formats, and the QR/NFC cards and 3D polymer stickers we have chosen are the best option for you. We do not recommend producing custom materials because we cannot control the quality of the products.

How much do branded cards and stickers cost?

Please contact our managers, and we will calculate the optimal cost of a batch of branded materials for you.

How long will it take to produce branded materials?

Typically, it takes 2 weeks to manufacture and deliver a batch of branded materials.

Can I have the stickers or cards in my own design?

Yes, we support customization of materials.