Let your guests order
and pay without waiting.

Increase table turnover speed and save employee resources.
Motivate employees with cashless tips.
Receive instant feedback from guests and improve your ratings on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor.
Save on acquiring payments from bank cards.
Place materials with QR codes
Place materials with QR codes on tables and let guests scan them whenever they want to order a meal and pay for it, call for a waiter or leave valuable feedback.
Use meal modifications
to ensure your guests get exactly what they want, while surfing with ease through your illustrated menu along clear navigation.
Different payment methods
Give your guest the best overall experience and allow your waiters to get more rewards
Engage guests to your social media
Sign up guests to your social medias and integrate third-party reviews after successful payment.
Improve guests' experience with branded advertisements.
Waiters see incoming orders from guests
Number of tables, a detailed description of each order, and the total amount paid. Upon accepting the order, they begin providing service.
Create and manage menu with ease
You are able to create all the menu items in the admin console. Create seasonal offers, group meals and manage their availability times.
If you need our help, we can give you a hand.
Managers have overview and control
Managers and owners of venues can view all created orders, completed payments, tips gathered by employees, feedback from guests in the same business console where they set up venues’ menu.

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No additional equipment
No complicated integrations
No setup fee
Option to allocate commission on clients
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