Give your guests menu, cashless tips and reviews in one QR code

Customizable QR code menu
Motivate employee with cashless tips accepted through bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and local payment methods
Save more than 45% on taxes for tips and avoid burdening your accounting department
Receive instant feedback from guests and boost your ratings on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor
Allow guests to call the waiter as easily as tapping a button
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How the guest will see it?

Guest scans the QR code from the sticker placed on the table.
Guest surfs through the menu to choose what they want to take, and the do it without waiting while the waiter will bring the menu. Guest can use the menu search if they know what they are going to order, and they can also choose a language for the menu.
Guest decides to leave a tip and taps the "leave a tip" button at the top of the screen.
Guest indicates the amount and makes the payment by choosing a convenient payment method.
Guest can also rate and leave a text review which you will see in the business console and GlobalTips Staff app.

A full product that suits your business needs

For restaurants, bars and cafes to improve guests and staff experience.

Multilingual menus on the fly

Offer automated translation for diverse language preferences.

Tailored menus for every moment

Customize menus with time-sensitive options, perfect for breakfast or weekends.
Allergen info and chef's notes
Enhance a menu by adding allergen details and special notes from the chef.
Flexible meal modifications
Allow guests to personalize their orders with extra add-ons easily.
Instant menu updates
Swiftly change menu items, photos, and descriptions in a matter of seconds.

Effortless for guests, beyond paper menus

Provide a super-simple and intuitive digital experience for guests — better than traditional paper menus!

What our clients says

From bars and restaurants to hotels, from local stars to michelin star owners.

Convenient QR code menu with all the necessary functionality. The team helps set everything up in the digital menu, and all we need to do is keep an eye on the materials placed on the tables.

A good addition for a modern bar or restaurant. We have a young audience, and we see that the digital menu is becoming popular.

We use it and are very satisfied. Guests have already gotten used to scanning the QR menu, and we rarely carry the traditional paper menu anymore. In addition to the menu, GlobalTips has given us several cool features included in the digital menu package, such as: call a waiter, tips, and a system for collecting feedback and ratings from guests.

We are a small Armenian restaurant. We implemented the system because QR code menus are appearing everywhere now. Also, GlobalTips has excellent support; I keep in touch with the manager directly on WhatsApp, and he always responds to me.

We have two small restaurants, and both are connected to the GlobalTips digital menu. We are very satisfied. If we can't set something up nicely, the team gets in touch very quickly and helps us.

GlobalTips implemented not just a QR code menu for us, but also an ordering system through this menu; And it significantly eases our work. We are satisfied with the system.

We see how month by month our guests are getting used to the QR menu system. I think the future lies with these technologies.

Initially, we connected one restaurant to the GlobalTips digital QR menu, then a second one. Now, orders through these menus are operational in both. It's a good, convenient system; we recommend it.

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No complicated integrations
No setup fee
Option to allocate commission on clients
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I switch from my paper menu to your digital QR Menu?

The digital QR Menu has many advantages: you don't need to order new paper menus every time, your guests don't have to wait for a waiter to bring the menu, you get feedback from guests, and your employees receive more tips.

What languages are available?

There are 30+ languages available currently and growing.

Do we still need to bring a paper menu?

The QR menu is usually seen by guests and guests are becoming more familiar with the usage of QR menu, some of our customers stopped using paper menus after the implementation of the QR menu.

How can I adjust prices?

You can easily adjust prices in our business console, our QR menu is dynamic, and changes will appear immediately.

How can I add new positions to the menu?

You can add new positions in our business console. Our QR menu is dynamic, changes will appear immediately.

How should I place your QR codes in my venue?

We will provide you with special polymer 3D stickers for tables, which do not damage your furniture and do not peel off. Each sticker will have a QR code printed on it, opening your digital QR Menu.

Can I have the stickers in my own design?

Yes, we support customization of materials.

I don't want to stick anything on the table, how else can it work?

If you don't want our 3D stickers, we can provide plastic cards with QR codes and NFC, which are placed in special holders that will stand on your tables.