Get instant feedback from your guests, address it promptly, and don't miss a thing with QR code reviews

Discover what your guests truly think about your food & drinks, service quality, and the overall value they find in your offerings.
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Why you'll improve your service with GlobalTips QR reviews?

Guests provide immediate feedback
50% of guests leave a review after giving tips
All 5-star reviews are redirected to TripAdvisor and Google Reviews, while all reviews 4 stars and below are sent to your internal system.

Who is the QR code for reviews designed for?

The QR code for reviews is designed for a diverse range of businesses and organizations across various industries that aim to actively engage with their customers, manage online reputation, and continuously improve their products or services.

Restaurants and Cafes

Place QR codes on tables or receipts for customers to scan.

Hotels and Hospitality

Include QR codes in guest rooms, on check-in materials, or in dining areas.

Bars and Nightclubs

Position QR codes at the bar or on customer receipts.

Event Venues

Place QR codes on event programs, tickets, or promotional materials.

Food Halls and Trucks

Position QR codes in dining or receipts for customers to scan.

Salons and Spas

Display QR codes at reception or on appointment cards.

Transportation Services,
Taxis, Ride-Sharing

Incorporate QR codes in vehicles or on receipts.

Retail Stores
with In-House Cafés

Include QR codes on shopping bags, receipts, or at the café counter.

Tourism and Travel Services

Place QR codes on brochures, travel itineraries, or booking confirmations.

Fitness Centers

Display QR codes at the gym reception or on membership cards.

Campus Cafeterias

Position QR codes in dining areas or on student ID cards.

Online Retailers

Include QR codes in product packaging or order confirmations.

FAQ’s about QR reviews in restaurants

From bars and restaurants to hotels, from local stars to michelin star owners.

We see that guests leave through QR codes not only tips but also reviews. This review management system helps us monitor what we're doing well and what needs improvement.

We received many 5-star reviews working with GlobalTips. It's a useful addition to tips.

GlobalTips serves not only as a reliable tipping system but also allows guests to leave a review with a QR code, which brings value to the business. This feedback mechanism helps us understand our customers better and continually improve their experience with us.

For a hotel, it's important not only to motivate staff with tips but also to receive feedback and ratings from guests. Good ratings help us grow on Google Reviews, and criticism helps us improve.

We're seeing a lot of reviews from our guests through GlobalTips QR code reviews. It's both gratifying and beneficial for our business. This feedback is invaluable in helping us refine our services and ensure we continue to meet and exceed our guests' expectations.

Restaurant review management is an important thing, and GlobalTips offers not only a good solution for tipping but also for collecting feedback from guests through QR codes.

GlobalTips has a cool feature for routing reviews. It helps us boost our TripAdvisor and Google Reviews, aiming to make us the most noticeable bar in town. This feature cleverly directs positive feedback to these platforms, enhancing our online presence and attracting more customers.

We see that guests either leave reviews directly or go on to write on Google Reviews. This is a useful tool for our operations.

Get actionable insights from your guests

Unlock valuable insights into your guests' opinions and enhance your business by discovering what they truly think about your food, drink, service quality, and overall value.

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The importance of continuous feedback in restaurants

For restaurants, bars and cafes to improve guests and staff experience.

Cashless tipping and reviews

Cashless tips on its best with priceless guest's feedback.
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Interactive QR menu and review system

Give your guests a menu, tips, and reviews in one QR code.
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Simplify order and pay at the table with QR reviews

Let your guests order
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FAQ’s about QR reviews in restaurants

What is a QR code for a restaurant reviews?

Using our solution, guests can leave reviews both in your internal system (allowing you to work on the quality of service), and on external review services like Google Reviews and Tripadvisor.

Can we publish only positive reviews?

You can redirect guests who leave 5 stars to external review services (Google Reviews and Tripadvisor), and all reviews with 4 stars or less to our internal private system.

Can I redirect guests to my social networks after leaving a review?

Yes, you can display links to your social media on the screen after the guest leaves a tip, and recommend subscribing to your groups.

Does the guest need to install a separate app to use GlobalTips?

No, the guest does not need to install a separate app. The guest simply scans the QR code and can leave review.

How can I monitor the performance of my employees and the reviews they receive?

You will have access to a business console, where you can see statistics on tips and reviews received by each of your employees.

How should I place your QR codes in my venue?

We will provide you with special polymer 3D stickers for tables, which do not damage your furniture and do not peel off. Each sticker will have a QR code printed on it, opening your digital QR Menu.

Can I have the stickers in my own design?

Yes, we support customization of materials.

Can I collect only guests reviews, without cashless tips?

You can, but we advise you to use the full range of functionality available in GlobalTips, proven to work in more than 700 restaurants, bars, and cafes.