GlobalTips is a service that makes it easy for your guests to leave tips using their mobile phones.
Collect non-cash tips and withdraw them to your bank account.
Servicio GlobalTips en un smartphone
How to start?
How guests leave tips?
How to withdraw money?

How to start?

Download GlobalTips app on your phone.
Código QR de App Store
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Get verified.
It will takes up to 5 minutes.
We’re required by law to verify your identity before you can collect and spend tips from your account.
Leave GlobalTips cards and start collecting tips.
Help guests to understand why do they need GlobalTips and how do they use cards on the tables to leave cashless tips.
What should I do if I'm a bit shy to talk about tips?
Place GlobalTips cards on a holders on tables, thus you will not need to bring them with receipts.
Surely it's not like asking for a tip?
Tipping culture is one of the pillars of European society. This is the absolute norm for most people.
Where can I get a GlobalTips cards with a QR code?
You'll get some at the very beginning, but guests take it sometimes.
If you'll need extra cards or you've lost some of yours, just ask your manager or mail a request to us.

How does a guest leave a tip?

Oh... it's easy as 1-2-3.

escanear código QR
Guest scans QR code with smartphone camera, or with NFC by attaching smartphone to GlobalTips card.
seleccionar el importe de la propina
Guest indicates the amount and makes the payment by choosing a convenient payment method.
dejar comentarios sobre el servicio
The guest can also rate and leave a text review which you will see in the GlobalTips Staff app.
In order for you to receive 100% of your tip and for our service to function, we charge the guest a "processing fee", which is shown on the payment page.

What should you do to get guests to tip more often?

Always bring GlobalTips cards with a receipt.
If GlobalTips card is already on the table don’t hesitate to pay guests attention to such an opportunity.
Explain to guests how to tip with GlobalTips.
If you need more cards — order them from the main page of your app. We’ll deliver them for free.
icono móvil
What payment methods are available for guests?
Guests can leave a tip using one of the following methods: ApplePay, GooglePay, bank card.
soluciones de pago
icono de seguridad de pago
Is it safe?
All payments made with our service are absolutely secure. We work with the world leader in payment solutions - Stripe.

How to withdraw tips to your account?

proceso de retirada individual
Your money goes straight to your GlobalTips balance and you can withdraw it to your personal bank account by IBAN.
proceso de retirada agrupada
Group administrator distributes your share to your personal balance. Then you will be able to pay it out to your personal bank account.
Withdrawal takes up to 3 working days.
Usually, the tip arrives in your bank account within 24 hours.
With every withdrawal you'll see the estimated time of money arrival.